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WAP enables your customers to access your services wherever they are. Monetizing content through WAP Billing platform is an important revenue stream for clients.
eTouchmobile WAP billing gateway allows brands to engage their customers to access rich content multimedia and entertainment/gaming platforms. WAP Billing allows your users to make payments for the content through their mobile phones. Clients can monetize their mobile sites and service on WAP.
Our technology automatically recognizes whether user is accessing through wi-fi or operator GPRS and detects users mobile number for effective operator billing purpose.
The whole process is quick and can be accessed by millions of potential customers. Client can sell one-time access to their site; long-term membership and subscriptions; or content from wallpapers to ring tones. WAP Billing is ideal for content and general participation services

  • Supports flexible billing
  •    Subscription billing : Supports auto renewal, fallback, deactivation
  •    Pay per use billing

  • Features:
  • 1) No user login required
  • 2) Easy integration – Just connect through our API
  • 3) One click mobile billing
  • 4) Support dual user consent for billing