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Cloud Big Buzz Local (CBBL)
Make your disruptive business ideas a reality by building out-of-box ecommerce solutions with a powerful architecture

Quickly adapt to the changing market demands by building agile and innovative business solutions with microservices-based architecture. Leverage the flexibility of independently deployable and highly composable microservices architecture to build future-ready complex ecommerce solutions in no time. Create a niche for your brand with tailor-made ecommerce solutions that cater to the unique preferences of your customers and boost your conversions.

Extend and customize your online solutions with the API-first approach for your ecommerce ecosystem. Build the most innovative solutions easily by connecting any backend system with the best-in-breed third party software. Drive connectivity, collaboration and efficiency across different channels by gluing together your ERP, CRM, accounting, marketing and other third party software using the API-first architecture.

Cloud-Native SaaS
Lay to rest all your worries about scalability, security and reliability with a secure and auto-scalable cloud-native infrastructure. Grow exactly the way you want, in locations you prefer, on the channels your customers love with the dynamically scalable and elastic SaaS-infrastructure. Ensure 99.99% uptime and multi-level security for your online business with standards compliant cloud-native infrastructure.

Headless Commerce
Leverage the flexibility and agility of headless commerce to build extremely personalised and consistent buyer journeys across multiple channels and devices. Add any number of new customer touchpoints quickly using the freedom and flexibility of decoupled headless architecture. Go omnichannel to engage your customers on the channels they prefer and convert them fast by offering experiences they can’t resist.