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Delivering great customer experiences is about simplifying and streamlining your business processes to reduce customer effort throughout a call. eTouch mobile’s voice solution provides highly reliable and scalable delivery method for pre-recorded voice messages. It is a technology that automates interactions with telephone callers.
Our IVR delivers an unparalleled solution for both inbound and outbound voice. It has never been easier to deliver voice alerts for service and emergency notifications. With our outbound/ inbound voice communications, you can take customer experience to a new level.
Outbound Dialing: Empowers enterprisers to create on the fly outbound campaign and reach out to your large number of customers with single pre recorded message. Deliver real time information to targeted customers. Platform also supports interactive outbound campaign to get instant feedback on the business.
Inbound Dialing: Provide extraordinary service to the customers every time they connect with you. Inbound dialing service allows enterprise to provide information on their business and service without any manual intervention and also allowing to choose from services for interactive sessions.
Missed Call: Real time, zero cost solution for customers to connect them fast.
The customer base, especially in the developing markets seems to be most responsive when asked to respond to any request using missed call than a call or SMS. Out IVR solution provides enterprise with an innovative service of missed call to help their business flourish with minimal amount of investment. It is the simplest way to capture customer information without incurring any cost on either sides and generate genuine leads

  •    Integration with auto dialer: On every call received on the missed call server the call is disconnected and an automatic outbound call acknowledging the customers call is immediately pushed to the customer.
  •    Integration with call center agents
  •    Free cost to end user
  • Features:
  • 1) Intelligent call distribution
  • 2) High Volume support
  • 3) Interactive calls on outbound and inbound voice service
  • 4) Multiple trail attempts in case of failed calls
  • 5) Comprehensive MIS and multiple reporting
  • 6) Intelligent and powerful scheduling
  • 7) Built in business intelligence to increase call success ratio
  • 8) 24/7 support