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With A2P (application-to-person) solutions binds operators globally, eTouch Mobile can connect you to your mobile customers quickly. Companies look out for various sources to get in touch with their customers on real time basis. eTouch Mobile SMS solution technology connects service provider to their customer.
Our SMS solution is a bulk message service through which large volumes of SMS can be sent to the customers. A wide spectrum of verticals like Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking, Government, Media and Travel are connected with their customers through this system. Our sms solution are specially designed to take care of enterprise’ unique business needs.
We not only believe in sending sms but believe in delivering them on time. We offer different route to our clients on basis of their requirement and all our routes include real time delivery reports.
We Offer: 1) Transactional SMS 2) Promotional SMS for marketing

  • Features:
  • 1) Dedicated SMS Channel: Dedicated connectivity for instant delivery. Promises 99% delivery.
  • 2) High Capacity and Optimized Delivery: Supports high traffic rates and handling of SMS traffic in an optimized way with its flexible flows and its advanced architecture
  • 3) Connectivity with Operators: Connectivity with leading operators for connectivity
  • 4) Dedicated Manager: Single point of contact for all services. Better Management
  • 5) API: API based system to integrate SMS service with existing services
  • 6) White list based system: Solution for corporate and individual client to promote their business
  • 7) Smart Tracking: Keep a track of anything and everything. From sent SMS logs to delivery time to frequently failed numbers and more
  • 8) Robust Infra: The architecture of our server is designed to scale millions of SMS in a go.
  • 9) Authentication: Single Sign On

We provide reliable sms service and we do not compromise quality with price. Start with us with free 1000 credit demo account.
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